The Citizenship Rights Of Asylum Seekers In Britain

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“This suggests that there is a connection between someone’s nationality and the question of whether they pose a threat to our security. This has fed community unrest, marginalization and even violence against minority groups” (Asylum, n. d.). It is not easy for some nationalities to get citizenship in Britain even if they are refugees. “The system of immigration control in the UK splits people into two broad categories: those who have ‘right of abode’ in the UK and who can live, work and move in and out of the country as they wish, and those who require permission in order to enter and remain here” (Immigration – In England, 2010). 9/11 has changed a lot of laws with respect to the citizenship of refugees in Britain. Earlier, not much segregation was experienced by the refugees. Now it is difficult for people especially from the Muslim countries to get citizenship in Britain. It is a fact that current changes in laws with respect to citizenship in Britain for asylum seekers are adversely affecting the refugees. At the same time, if a person have been given refugee status or humanitarian protection in the UK, and his initial permission to stay there will expire before the new system of ‘earned citizenship’ comes into force (scheduled for July 2011),he can still apply for settlement and British citizenship under the current rules (Asylum: Refugees’ route to settlement, n. d). In other words, the tightening of the rules is intended for the refugees who may seek asylum in Britain in future.