The Christians creation story

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The Christians creation story
According to Christians, the creation story and the Popul Vuh are related in numerous ways. Both stories agree that the world was desolate and whole world was filled with water. According to Christians a supernatural power was responsible for the creation process which is also collaborated by the Popul Vuh. The Heart-of-Sky was responsible for the creation process in the Popul Vuh as was God for the Christians. The creation process for the two stories was made into a reality through the uttering of words. The creation of the human beings was done in collaboration with other parties as it is the case in the two stories. In both stories, humans are the main figures who illustrate the will and preferences of the supernatural beings. In both stories, the supernatural being is at some point angered by the actions of the human being. The Christians creation story is chronological and God creates day and night on the first day. According to the Popul Vuh, the Heart-of-Sky separated the sky from the earth on the first day. In the Creation story, God’s attempt of creating the human being was not a failure like stated in the Popul Vuh. In the Popul Vuh, the Heart-of-Sky only created humans to serve him, but in the Christians creation story, God created humans to rule over other animals and fill the world. The Popul Vuh illustrates a rebellion of other animals and creations against the humans which is not stated in the Christians creation story.
When Olurun noticed that the land of Olukum was filled with water, and there was a need to fill it with land, he told Obatata of this idea. Obatata took up the challenge that he would undertake the requirements of creating that land. Obatata approached Orunmila, who gave him a couple of instructions, to be followed in the creation of land, to cover the sea. He would go down into the sea using a chain made of gold. With him, he should have a shell filled with sand, a white hen that will help disperse the sand, a black cat for companionship, and a palm nut.
Once he had created a new land, Obalata realized that the land needed more people to live with. He created human beings from the clay and asked Olorun to give these people life. Olurun gave these people life, and they began to live like human beings – like Obalata. They started building their houses, in the design of that of Obalata. However, because Obalata molded them while drunk of palm wine, some of them had deformed body features, something that angered Obabalata, who swore to drink again.
Living on the land alone was not satisfactory to Obalata, he thought that he would be more satisfied if there were human companions. To fix this problem, he started molding human beings from clay, but he did not do it in a perfect manner when he started drinking palm wine. Some of them had deformed body features, something that frustrated Obalata very much. When they were given life, they became good companions to him, and begun doing what he was doing.