The Case of Thomas Jackson

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1. The brother of 18 year old Thomas Jackson, who was found dead near his motorcycle, d that riding his bike fast really gave Thomas a buzz. James Jackson, 27, lived with his brother at 42 Kimbolton Street in Old Town. Thomas’s body was found by a police constable who’d originally parked his patrol car as a result of two dogs whose behavior seemed odd. The dogs kept rushing up and down the grassy bank near a gap in a hedge at a slight bend in the road. The Constable proceeded to the spot on foot and that’s when he found the body of Thomas Jackson lying just inside the field, a few yards from his motorcycle.Constable Charles Peel stated, There were no signs of injury, the deceased did not smell of alcohol. The Officer also noted that there were no skid marks though it had been raining and the roads were still wet.Dennis Potts, aged 18, of 23 Beer Street in Old Town, stated that him and Thomas has spent the evening together at the Golden Dragon pool hall, where they had chatted with some girls. Thomas had a bit of a row with one of the babes,’ and left on his own in a huff at about 11:30 PM. Dennis stated, He offered me a lift but I said no, he seemed a bit upset to tell you the truth. Potts also added I think he wanted to give this chic who he had the hots for a ride on the back of his bike but she went and made some sort of joke about his bike, because it’s only a 250 cc. When questioned by the Coroner Potts stated that from his experience Thomas was a good rider and did not normally take risks. Jane Wibbly knew Thomas slightly and said she saw Thomas riding toward Long lane just before midnight. He seemed to be having some sort of trouble with his lights, his bike was wobbling about a bit, and then he increased speed and shot right out of sight.A Post-mortem exam showed that Thomas has died from a broken neck. It is unknown why Thomas was ejected from his bike, though wet conditions may have been a factor. The coroner stated I’m certain from the evidence that no one else was involved in the tragic circumstance, and Thomas’s death was ruled accidental.2.Death ruled accidentRain not a factor3. Old Town Youth loved bike4. Thomas Jackson had a love for speed, stated brother James Jackson.5.Thomas Jacksons’ death was ruled an accident, though it is possible wet conditions may have been a factor no evidence was found indicating this. No evidence of alcohol use and no skid marks were found at the scene where the body was discovered by Police Constable Charles Peel.