The Care of Mentally Disordered Offenders

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These mentally disordered offenders require services and support of the Forensic Mental Health Services since they have a complex and diverse requirement. The special provisions of the Prison service scheme play a significant role in addressing the special needs of the mentally disordered victims and their treatment.

The mainly mentally disordered offence is caused and manifested by poverty and deprivation and racial discrimination. The victimization of people also induces mental illness which might manifest offending. Even psychological disorders and incoherent and absurd imaginations lead to the manifestation of crimes. An example of ethnic discrimination to cause mental disorders is seen in the case of the South London, where the Black population, due to the racial antagonism, are subjected to greater schizophrenic disorders and are more likely to commit a crime than the average white population (Guite, 2003).

Criminal behavior is fundamental to the explanation of antisocial personality disorder, even though it is often the result of earlier and long-standing difficulties, like socioeconomic, educational and family troubles. Individuals with the antisocial personality disorder show&nbsp.signs of traits of impulsivity, a huge rate of negative emotionality, low carefulness and related behaviours including negligent and exploitative behaviour, recklessness and untrustworthiness.&nbsp.