The Business Environment in Argentina

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Firms do not have control of the external business environment. This, in essence, means they have to adapt to the external business of the environment they are located in. The success of any multi-international firm will be determined by its ability to realize and take advantage of opportunities existing in the external business environment combined with its ability to control the threats existing in the same environment (De Soto 8).
Argentina is one of the countries in the Latin America where Brazil is considered as having the strongest growing economy. But Argentina is seen as the country leading with the best environment in terms of business. In a research carried out in 2008, all the countries in Latin America were categorized in terms of infrastructure, political, corporate, macro and globalization environments. Of all these factors, Argentina emerged as the leading business destination. Several factors contributed to Argentina is the leading candidate in terms of business attraction.
Argentina has a very strong corporate environment. This is the key area where it scored the highest mark. There is a high degree of capital freedom in Argentina. This finally means there is easy access to capital for entrepreneurs wishing to set up business ventures. Labor supply is adequate at all levels. be it skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled. In terms of taxation, Argentina corporate tax is the second lowest in the region after Paraguay at 17%. In the region, Argentina rate of tax as a percentage of returns is the lowest. The hours need for a business or start-up to comply with tax rules is still the lowest in the region. This component of the corporate environment has greatly helped Argentina to become a preferred business destination for multi-national companies.
In technology terms, Argentina has gone a step forward, it is among the top among the Latin American countries.