The Bureaucracy as an Effective System of Organization

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This paper illustrates that bureaucracy as the system has grown into the complex, which over the years neither the employees nor the leadership has been able to understand and control effectively. With its main goal to control productivity of work and its successful completion, the concept of bureaucracy felt the urgent need in improving its reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness. Inside the bureaucratic organization, the concept of bureaucracy helps the leaders and managers to design their work in an effective way by breaking down the process of performance into departments that in the same time breaks down work into simpler tasks. When the organization uses the bureaucratic system, it keeps power and directs control, creating at the same time more people with limited knowledge whose actions are more mechanical. However, such structural way of performing one’s activities limits employees in their ability to execute their tasks effectively. While the organizations have too many rules and regulations, the way they work and conduct their policy is too severe toward cooperation with the other organizations and own employees. The situation has become even more alarming, as the top level of the bureaucracy has become a less effective instrument. Many people do not think regulations and procedures so important. however, bureaucracy within the organization guarantees proper and equal treatment to its all members. On one hand, the procedures and rules serve its best in order to ensure excellent performance of an organization’s activities.