The Behavior of the Marketer Both Before and After the Purchase

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Purchasing was not a big task around two-three decades before. The only thing the consumers thought before purchasing a product earlier was about the necessity of the product and the financial abilities of the consumer. But at present, the consumer needs and the behaviours have changed a lot. The living,g standards and the levels are changed a lot and based on that the consumer behaviours also changed. Moreover, the competition is so stiff nowadays that even for a particular product, dozens of options are available for the consumers. Because of this increased availability of different brands of products, consumers are more selective nowadays. They compare the features of a product with competing products before taking their purchasing decisions. Marketers found it extremely difficult to convince the current consumers. Current Consumers consider so many factors before making a purchasing decision. Two of my neighbours recently purchased two cars from different suppliers. I have interviewed them to learn more about the current trends in the consumer behaviours before the purchasing. I have asked the same questions to both of them their responses taken as the base for writing this paper. For convenience, I call them consumer A and consumer B in this paper. Consume,r A was richer and more educated than Consumer B. Moreover, consumer A was working in the city as a system analyst in a multinational company whereas consumer B was a teacher in a rural school. For convenience, I have used the responses of both the consumers to each question alternatively to get a good comparison about the different purchasing behaviours of people.