The ANWR Oil Drilling

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Nevertheless, since this portion, called ‘1002 Area’ after the ANILCA section, has been considered as a probable source of oil and gas because of its proximity to the Mackenzie Delta, an area which has been found to have such resources by Canadians. In 1995, the two legislative bodies of the US government passed into law the Budget Act, which also includes an approval of the development of the ANWR 1002 Area. However, President Bill Clinton, under pressure from environmentalist groups, decided to veto it. Since then, the issue of further exploration and the possibility of extraction of oil and gas in the ANWR have become the subject of intense debates among environmentalist groups and proponents of petroleum and gas exploration. With the constant fluctuations and increases in the prices of crude oil in the world market, the increasing domestic demand for it, and the recurring peace and order problems in the Middle East, the debate on the issue has intensified even further.The ANWR oil drilling issue has even reached the point that it has become an agenda for national elections. Both the Republicans and the Democrats have used their respective stand on this subject as part of their strategies in gathering political support for every electoral contest they participate. The Democrats have held the stand of opposing oil drilling in the area since President Clinton. (Douglas) On the other hand, the Republicans have been pushing for the opening of the 1002 Area for exploration and eventual extraction. However, the political noise generated by the debate on this issue between the Republicans and the Democrats have only blurred further the merits and demerits of oil drilling in the ANWR.