The Anita Hill/ Clarence Thomas Hearings

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Anita Hill articulated that her primary intent for coming forward was to expose Clarence Thomas as a contradiction and a sexist, whose character, based on her personal dealing with him, did not warrant him to sit in judgment of pertinent and crucial issues which would ultimately impact the lives of every American. Ms. Hill felt that her testimony would serve as that all-important expose, which would preclude the U. S. Senate from making a huge mistake, which she and all other Americans would be relegated to endure throughout the tenure of Clarence Thomas as an associate justice on the U. S. Supreme Court. Yet, the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas controversy had other long-term consequences beyond Justice Thomas’ life-term term of the Supreme Court. Foremost, national awareness about sexual harassment in the workplace heightened considerably(Hill-Thomas) For this paper, I will focus on how a newfound public awareness of gender discrimination, sexual harassment in the workplace, and the need for women to be in Congress have impacted the American Society as a result of the Anita Hill/ Clarence Thomas Hearings.Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas. One of which was that Thomas was tasked to head up the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission after the alleged infractions, and the EEOC was the very agency charged with monitoring the existence of sexual harassment, among other work-place inequalities.Prior to 1964, women in the workplace simply endured the offenses and the abuse to keep their jobs. Even after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Title VII, which prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, natural origin, and sex, the Act did not mention sexual harassment either in the law or its legislative history. In 1974 in Barnes v. Train, 13 FEP cases 123 (D.D.C.), Ms. Barnes claimed that she was retaliated against because she rejected her bosses sexual advances. A trial court decided that the male supervisor, merely solicited his subordinate because he foundher attractive.