The Alignment of Emerging Technologies with Businesses

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The role of managers is clearly stated in the alignment process, citing various articles from journals on information technology.
Alignment is stated as a process which is supposed to be flexible in order to allow amendments to suit the changing business environment. Consumer needs are of utmost importance and are described as vital in the planning process. Other role players in the business enterprise are also given priority in the planning process. The time factor is also portrayed as very important for alignment in order for a business to reap maximum benefits from a business enterprise.
Many businesses are facing the challenge of managing information in order to get maximum output. Managers have the obligation of ensuring information gathering, analysis and dissemination are successful in business. This forms the backbone of any enterprise. In order for a business to thrive, managers need to adopt the information technology that can assist them to achieve their goals. According to Paul A. Strassmann, aligning information systems to corporate goals has emerged as the number one concern over the last five years in surveys of information systems executives. Aligning information technology with business is establishing a constructive connection between a business and tools of information technology in order to augment performance.
Most of the consumers of industrial products prefer services which help sustain expenditure that is in line with their preferences. Consumers’ preference is of utmost importance in the business industry. Businesses in a competitive market try to ensure that up-and-coming technologies are utilized before other competitors put them in to use. These are normally aimed at adding value to their product before any other player in the business field adapts to the new technology and that which increases production or sales volume. Many businesses tend to carry out market research in order to establish customers’ needs. Most of the customers expect better products from their suppliers every day. It is therefore important that the management teams of various business enterprises ensure that they introduce commodities of a higher value each time in order to retain their consumers. An industry that is able to satisfy the needs of its customers builds confidence in them.
Most businesses fail in alignment due to their ignorance of the roles of the information technology experts and business experts. As much as it is an information technology issue, the business aspect is of major concern. Without the business aspect, there exists no avenue for alignment. It is the business managers who decide when and why to venture in alignment. It is routine in most cases for managers to combine business experts with information technology technicians. This ensures that the business needs are catered for by business experts while the information technology field is left for the experts. ‘