The After Math Of Arab Spring Was Change In Government Leader Killed Of Civil Wars

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olgtltligtltimg src=/qa/attachment/11159056/ alt=11159056Answer the following questions and define the following vocabulary words. Use the choice board to
Partner 2- Culture Questions:
create a presentation of your answers.
9. What is the difference between an ethnic group and a religious group?
An ethnic group is a group of people who share cultural ideas
and beliefs. A religious group shares a belief system in a good
orgods, with a specific set of rituals and literature.
10. How are the religions of the Arabs, Persians, and Kurds diverse?
Islam is found in all three elhnic groups, but there are
Christian and Jewish Arabs are mostly shia, muslims
and kurds are mostly sunni muslims.
11. What are the similarities and differences between Judaism, Islam, and Christianity?
All three religions believe in one God ( monotheistic) and believe
they are the children of Abranjews . muslims follow
Specific rules Christians don’t have to.
12. How have the prominent religions in the Middle East: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity
contributed to conflict?
13. What is the reason for the division between Sunni and Shia Muslims?
After the prophet mohammed died, his followers did not know
who should lead the religions . The shia believe the next leader should
bea blood relative, but the sunni believed in should be someone
who was most familiar with the faith.
14. How did Anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and Zionism relate to the establishment of the modern
state of Israel?
15. What was the Arab Spring? Why is it significant?
The Arab Spring was a series of protests and revolutions that began to
spread across the Arab war in tate 2010. The After math of Arab
Spring was change in government, leader killed, of civil wars.
16. How are land and religion reasons for continuing conflicts in the Middle East?
Alot of the conflict started after the end of world war one and the
discovery of oil. countries fought over land for ill which then led to
lots of conflict. The other main source of conflict in the middle East is the
iverse nature
Vocab Words to Define: Islam, Christianity, Sunni Muslim, Shia Muslim, Anti-Semitism, Judaism, Culture
green the Region, Kurds, Arab Spring, Culture Trait, Ayatollah Khomeini, Monotheism, Polytheism, Theocracy,
two main
ctons of Zionism
shia .
though they both agreed on fundamentals of Islam and the teachings
he Quran, they are in conflict on who would lead the Islam community