The Advantages and Disadvantages Introducing Sniurb 13 into the Market

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The Advantages and Disadvantages Introducing Sniurb 13 into the Market The Advantages and Disadvantages Introducing Sniurb 13 into the Market
The introduction of Sniurb 13 into the market will certainly catapult the company into new heights financially. This is due to the likelihood of a positive response since the public generally would want to delay ageing, something the drug is capable of helping achieve. Apart from financial gain to the company, the public will benefit greatly due to long healthy life that will ensure the people enjoy life and are active long into old age. The net effect will be an improved economy of the country due to a healthy and working population. However, the new drug may come with undesirable developments as well. People may disregard other health precautions such as healthy eating habits since they will have a remedy to old age in Sniurb 13. This may lead to deaths from several diseases contracted such as cancers and even dangerous viruses such as HIV/AIDS. Eventually, the state may end up spending more on the health of its citizens as a result of the introduction of Sniurb 13.
Memorandum to Krejci on the Position the Company Should Take
The company should at all times be faithful to the ethics of marketing. This entails relaying only true and accurate information to the public. It will ensure the company remains within the legal parameters set by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) before and after approval of the drug. Most importantly, the public must be reminded regularly the drug is still subject to approval by the Center of Drug Evaluation and Research under the FDA as the final authority. In addition, the company should inform the public that side effects have not been yet discovered but it is not the final position as side effects in drugs could occur well after 20 years of use. Sticking to marketing ethics and the law in the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and the Public Health Service Act will ensure the company moves forward whether the drug succeeds or not.
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