The Administration of Higher Education

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The corporate world has continued to feel comfortable with the higher education sector to such an extent that the absorption of university graduates in the labor market is keenly being facilitated. Besides the identification and customization of appropriate labor force needs right at the training level, philanthropic giving from the corporate world has dramatically increased. A conglomeration of the factors presented to higher education by the corporate world reveals close cooperation between the two sectors on a mutual basis. While the higher education sector gains through corporate giving, the graduates produced by the universities possess an element of the active contribution that the corporate world makes through internships. Other collaborative projects that the two sectors engage in facilitate internalization of the market demand for professional labor.In order to ensure that these paralleled interactions enhance education quality and integrity of the education system as a learning culture, the management offices of the two institutions need to pull in tandem (Bok, 2003). Understanding how the coordination of the corporate sector and the higher education sector management takes place must unravel development questions raised. In this study, the interaction between these two sectors is analyzed with respect to similarities and differences in their organizational structure, culture, and leadership employed. Similarly, disparities in the systems are analyzed and mitigation solutions offered to maintain a good working relationship.Traditionally, universities would plead to donors to fund major research projects that they were unable to fund using the limited resources allocated to them. Over the years, it increasingly became clear that looking for alternative sources of revenue for theinstitutions to fund their own research projects was the only way to self-sustenance. However, with the rise of corporate interest in research in the past few decades, the trend has changed with the corporate bodies taking charge.