The Abuse of Legal and Illegal Drugs

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Some of the drugs, which are subjected to abuse, are legal drugs like tobacco, alcohol, prescription and over the counter drugs. and the proscribed drugs like cocaine, crack, ecstasy and LSD. Treatment for addiction should be commenced as soon as possible and the objective should be to restore normalcy in the life of the teenage addict. It is futile to adopt half measures or to ignore the problem. The sale of drugs either by prescription or over the counter has to be kept under strict surveillance. Teenagers constitute the future of the nation and it is incumbent upon adults to ensure that the former do not succumb to the lure of drugs.Drug addiction is a disease that pertains to the brain. It can be cured by proper medication and other treatments like behavioral and psychological therapies. Drug addiction is an obsessive desire for drugs, which ignores even severe adverse effects. In several instances, drug addiction proves to be a long-lasting problem, because of the risk of recurrence, even after discontinuing their abuse for long periods of time. The rate of relapse of drug abuse is akin to that found in chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes, and hypertension. An effective cure can be achieved by subjecting the drug abuser to a cycle of repetitive treatments, which are to be discontinued only after total abstinence is realized. Such treatment is to be determined on the basis of the individual and specific needs of the addict (NIDA InfoFacts: Treatment Approaches for Drug Addiction, 2008).The short term objectives of such treatment are to permit the addict to lead a normal life, reduce abuse and mitigate the societal and therapeutic problems ensuing from drug abuse. Moreover, such persons have to adapt to a healthier way of living. To aid in this process, several medicines are employed, which aid in the restoration of the normal functioning of the brain, while reducing craving and averting a recurrence of drug abuse.