The 5D Framework &amp

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Its Application towards Organizational Change123000 Therefore the primary thing we need to discuss is the reasons behind this extensive absenteeism. The probable cause can be many among which the environment is a strong factor. The environment consists of forces like the economy, political set up, technological factors, sociological and legal forces. These forces might affect an individual in several ways. For example, the economic condition of a country, specifically of an individual can force them to opt for other job opportunities. It is possible that the employees of the firm have opted for part time jobs in order to satisfy their amp. their family’s financial needs. It is also possible that the government of the country is offering better employment opportunities which are preferable in terms of salary, work conditions amp. work structure. The technology of the firm can also be a probable reason for the constant absenteeism as the employees might find it difficult to learn the new technologies amp. hence they are making excuse to avoid those jobs which are highly technology oriented. The sociological factors might include that the employees are not getting enough recognition in their society for their work. It has been noted that the elderly care department is facing more absenteeism. The relevant cause might be the monotonous environment of the elderly care department. Also, the elderly people suffer from more health hazards which again might pose to be a discouraging element for the employees of that department as the general people do not like to stay near ailing people as the disease might make them sick too. A poor communications structure in the organization is considered to be one of the hindrances in the way of introducing the change.