The $100 Laptop Initiative

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The main core of the project is focused on the poor countries where technology has not yet been developed and people do not have the resources to afford advanced technological aides (Gadgetopia, 2005).Although the project is named as the Hundred Dollar Laptop, it is available for both government and private organizations for educational development use at a price of one hundred and ninety-nine dollars (, 2006). For the concern of the people and the OLPC Association, the laptop because of a higher price because it is in its developmental stages and due to lack of sufficient orders. However, the price of the laptop is claimed to be brought down over the coming years to a much closer figure to One hundred dollars. The initiative may seem to have overshot its availability at a lower price but the project is making its way to the educational reforms in underdeveloped countries (Gadgetopia, 2005).The world is hooked on cyberculture and values. Technology has made it possible for organizations and people to be more competitive and better time managed. However, technology comes with a price. If a person cannot afford to buy technology s/he may never be able to compete in the globalized world and neither would be able to learn or develop with the rest of the world. Information is changing hands at a click of a button (Easterly, 2002). Distances between continents have been shortened so much that now you can send and receive letters within a few moments. Libraries are available online. Repositories of knowledge and skills are available at a click away. The information superhighway has been adopted as the source of many developments but people living in developed countries had to some extent forgotten those living in underdeveloped countries (Jin, 2005). The OLPC initiative’s strategy is to try to close the gap between the underdeveloped and developed countries and make education and learning cheap and a common medium around the globe.The opportunities in the One hundred dollar laptop are an open platform for development and research.