Tesco expanding in Dubai

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It mainly desired to present value-added products such as consumer electronics, clothes, consumer financial services, internet services, gas, consumer telecoms and many other useful articles. Other than this, Tesco Plc also expanded in varied other segments such as retailing of books, furniture, petrol and software. financial services, DVD rental, music downloads and telecoms and internet services. Not only this, Tesco Plc also operates in many other segments such as banking, fuels, tech-support, film making, technika and Tesco tyres. Therefore, due to the presence of varied types of essential articles, the retailer of Tesco Plc became successful to position itself as one of the renowned brand in the entire globe among many other rival retailers. This helped the organization of Tesco Plc to fulfil its vision to offer qualitative products at lowest price so as to maintain its portfolio in this segment effectively (Tesco, 2013). However, in order to enhance its brand value and dominance within the rival players of the retailing segment, Tesco Plc decided to enter and expand into the competitive markets of Dubai. This might proved effective for the organization of Tesco Plc to reduce its threats and enhance its strengths. Products of Tesco Plc Discussion Description of the organisational context of Tesco Plc Tesco Plc is a multinational retailer of grocery and general merchandise of United Kingdom, founded by Jack Cohen. Being headquartered in Cheshunt of United Kingdom, it operates successfully in many regions and markets in the entire globe. It includes stores in 15 countries such as Asia, Europe, North America, Malaysia, Republic of Ireland and many others. So, it is spotted as one of the leading British retailer in terms of total sales and brand image as compared to many other rival players. Along with this it also comprises a market share of 14.6 % and customer base of more than 1 million in both domestic as well as international markets. As a result, the market value and distinctiveness of Tesco Plc is enhancing at a rapid pace as compared to other retailers such as Wal-Mart and Carrefour. Thus, it helped in enhancement of the revenues by ?64.826 billion by the year 2013 (Tesco, 2013). Apart from this, being a public limited organization, the net income and total assets enhanced by ?124.0 million and ?50.129 billion by 2013. And the total turnover of Tesco Plc in domestic or UK market is ?3.5 billion and in global market is ?8.6 billion. Along with this, it includes employees of more than 270,000 in domestic market and 150,000 staffs in global markets. This acted as one of the vital strengths of the organization of Tesco Plc that enhanced its market image and position in international perspectives. Therefore, in order to present the advantage of its value-added products, it decided to enter into Dubai (Tesco, 2013). Although, the retail market of Dubai is extremely