Terroristic Attack and the Effects on Western Civilization

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In recent times, the threat posed by terrorism on western civilization has acquired different foams, leave alone being invisible and attaining various hiding areas. The terrorists have a problem with the western ideals, as they perceive them as a threat to the supremacy they hold over their society, to their free will, and to their terrorist operations. In this new century, firsthand experience has been attained by the threats issued by various terrorist groups (Sullivant 35).
The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks as well as other worldwide attacks in modern times have constantly being used as a benchmark of a new period by government officials, as well as shareholders and enterprise executives. America’s efforts and strategies in protecting its independence and sovereignty commenced over six decades ago. These strategies comprised of economic, political, military, as well as cultural engagement. In undertaking these strategies, America has influenced various countries and people to follow suit in their path of individual freedom, democracy, and maintaining peace with their neighbors. However, not everyone in the world agrees with these efforts undertaken by America as some people are threaten by these efforts, which they term as western influence. These people resolve to use of terrorist strategies as on America and European nations as they find it difficult to confront these western nations on traditional battlegrounds. These tactics of terrorists involve taking full advantage of the freedom and liberty present in western nations to planting terrorist perpetrators in these countries for the sole reason of attacking the homeland, their interests abroad and their allies (Sullivant 35).