Tentacles of Rage A Glimpse

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Tentacles of Rage Tentacles of Rage A Glimpse Introduction Tentacle of rage is an article which talks about the paradoxes of politics and the controlled panic about the right wing who have transformed in to reactionary party leaving behind their liberal ideologies. The writers has pure purple in to each paragraph .The writer suggest that this phenomenon has been like this for a three decades and this means the author is arguing about the ideological shift in political parties. The article has been blaming the corporate world for the drowning of liberal value of the party and so called millionaires made the politics a puppet game. Lapham in this article have been successful narrating the unpredictable and inconsistent ideologies of political party. ( Thesis)
The author has been highly creative in laying down his debates on a democratic party which was abandoning their so called liberalistic attitude. The author has been right in blaming the liberals for their waning movement. They did not live up to their ideal value but waivered at the time when people demanded their support. The article has provided many detailed political events which give a credible validity to the arguments stated by the author. The author was showing the fear of people who were expecting a wave of crime and a rise of violence. The entire activities of liberals during the middle of 2oth century has made the article a fact based article. As per (Graham,2008 ) “ The American obsession with self and self-promotion—Lapham had a field day when Francis Fukuyama declared “the end of history”—is one of the reasons Lapham says he’s not more popular in the op-ed columns or the talk show circuit”.
The article is a glimpse of the death of the democratic values of a party on which a nation had great hopes. The author has jotted down how a well respected political party with class and value downgraded in materialistic lure. The best part of the article is that the reader can feel the sympathetic transition of a political group which once was a ray of hope. The ebb and flow of democracy, human idealism, social desperation, racial tension all can be seen in the reading. The power machine has taken the advantage of the political party and the author establishes that the right wing was not in the proper direction. As per ( Kimball,2004) “Mr. Lapham subtended the rubric “a brief history” to the title of his 7500-word jeremiad. “a desperate fantasy” would have been more accurate”.
The author has a point to make here which is the reluctance to keep trust on parties that is the either wing when it comes to nation’s prosperity .The book has been well narrated and the propaganda mill of the republican is directly precipitating from the book. The book has been criticising about the move of the Republicans and how their parasitic ideology including the new “ownership” manifestation became a success. This is a curious and influential document which talks about the free – market ideology infiltration which aims at capitalism nod individual freedom.

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