Tennis as Part of Children Sports Activity

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I would be discussing salient points of the interview I had conducted regarding tennis in the private sector as part of children sports activity in relation to cultural capital and class differences. Moreover, this report discusses the importance of tennis and the history behind this game.My chief aim was centered around visiting the local sports community and conducting an interview about sport in relation to the private sector. The name of the sports community I had visited was called will to win. Hyde Park Tennis Centre and it is located in South Carriage Drive, Hyde Park, London W2 2UH. Recently I had visited this sports community to find out more about what is taking place there. The flowing is a table of general information about this sporting communityMy position at the center is a director and it is my responsibility to see that it runs on well – oiled wheels. Besides this, I am also a tennis coach and train all those who come to learn the sport. Some of the primary aspects of the sports center were elicited from an interview that I had conducted and they are as follows –‘The participants are 30 to 50 in number and are mostly students between the ages of 5 to 15 years’. And it is this age group that shows a keen interest and a lot of enthusiasm. During the Summer holidays, a half-term camp is conducted, but otherwise, normally classes are conducted after school.. Every sport is chargeable by the hour which is 42 pounds. The payment is not made to the club but directly to the coach who in turn pays a court fee to the center. It is a 20% court fee as everyone is self-employed and they pay their own taxes.When interviewed about the safety measures the interviewee answered that all the coaches are self-employed and have their own insurance. However, if the client was playing with a mate without a coach then the centre has insurance.