Ten Year Plan

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TEN YEAR PLAN Affiliation TEN YEAR PLAN Spring As I am winding up with my study at campus level, I will ensure even more effort is put in my studies and furthermore work on developing excellent skills added to which I already have, and that I may need in my job seeking process and the job itself.Consequently, I will also work on:-· Attending more professional speaker events in order to broaden my perspective in the field of economics in relation to the banking sector.· Further develop my leadership skills including management of time, organization, and delegation of duties through gaining leadership positions in the various campus clubs.· Ensure an enrollment to an internship program in any relevant field preferably in the banking sector.After Graduating (1-2 years)I look forward to participating in pre-employment graduate training programs. In addition, I hope to build professional networks through a possible admission into a retail banking sector. I would also hope to participate in volunteer jobs in my scope of the study.3-5 years laterAcquire a certificate in proficiency programs such as Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)Secure a position in any investment banking company and thus be able to get the opportunity to network with senior management in the firm.5-10 yearsI hope to have risen to a top level in my organization probably as a manager and also seek to have completed my MBA program of choice.ReferencesRobst, J. (2007). Education and job match: The relatedness of college major and work. Economics of Education Review, 26(4), 397-407.