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Template Sentences for Paper 1Templates for the author’s main claim and reason The author’s main claim is X.The author reasons that X, Y, and Z.The author provides the following reasons for his/her claim: X; Y; and Z.Two reasons are given in support by the author. First,.…Second,.… Templates for audience discussion The author’s audience likely consists of… The readers of the text are probably… The author appears to write for… This is evident through the ways the author… It appears as if the audience is X because Y. I inferred who the readers of the text likely are from textual clues such as… Templates for the author’s textual organization The author organizes his article by… After he does X, he then goes on to do Y. Next, in paragraphs 4-7, the author… Finally, in his last section, the author…  Perhaps the author organized his text by        in order to                  . The reason for this organization is likely because….A Quote Sandwich ModelModel for a “Quote Sandwich”A paragraph that uses a quote, paraphrase, or summary, needs an introduction into the textual support and an explanation why the textual support is relevant to your argument.It can be set up as a sandwich:Example: (from Susie Park, a student of LING 281, Spring 2017) TOP à At the end of the article, Nelson states, MIDDLE à “You are Feidin Santana. You are CNN,”  BOTTOM à in order to make a connection to the allusion at the beginning of the article.