Telecommunication Regulatory Authority

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The paper sought to analyse how the Telecommunication Regulatory ity (TRA) in the United Arab Emirates can utilise the strategy of benchmarking to compare its business practices against the expected best practices. According to TRA (2015), the organization is the sole authority responsible for the management of every aspect of the telecommunications and information technology industries in the UAE. Thus, it has been observed that procedure (P) which describes the purpose and scope of an activity and the specific way that can be used to achieve the desired goal should be used as a tool for benchmarking to enhance the effectiveness of the organization. This method would be used to define the tasks and responsibilities that can be implemented in order to convert the firm’s inputs into outputs. Research has shown that TRA has exceeded its expectations by achieving its projected goals in time but this should not be an end in itself but a beginning to an end. Thus, the purpose of benchmarking is to describe the steps that are necessary in carrying out this process whenever the need arises. The management has the responsibility of identifying the metrics of benchmarking as well as implementing it in the operations of TRA. This organization is mandated with the responsibility of carrying out a variety of duties related to the Telecommunications and Information Technology sector in and outside the UAE. To that effect, benchmarking is essential in order to measure the company’s performances against its expected best practices. IntroductionBasically, benchmarking refers to the process of comparing the processes in business or performance metrics to best practices. Essentially, every business is primarily concerned with achieving the desired goals and objectives and these should be matched with the organization’s set best practices. As such, this paper seeks to critically analyse how the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority in UAE can effectively utilize the strategy of benchmarking in order to ensure that its operations are in compliance with its expected best practices. The main objectives of TR mainly derive from the UAE Telecommunications law. According to TRA (2015), its objectives include the following: ensuring adequacy of telecommunications services throughout the UAE. achieving enhancement of services, encouraging telecommunications and IT services within the UAE. promoting and enhancing the telecommunications sector within the UAE as well as resolving disputes between the licensed operators among others. TRA also performs licensing duties in order to ensure compliance with the regulations of the Telecommunications industry in the UAE. Apart from the above mentioned objectives, the company is also responsible for developing human capital in order for it to meet its goal expectations. Against this background, it can be seen that achieving these multifaceted tasks is quite a complex task that requires a holistic approach. Thus, benchmarking is one viable strategy that can be implemented by the organization in order to ensure compliance with its mandated task in its operations. The paper will discuss different tasks that would be carried out in implementing this particular strategy that is meant to enhance the operations of the organization. References TRA (2015). Retrieved from: