Telecom Industry of the UK

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Also a brief about the company’s extensive market is discussed.The main aim of the report is to conduct a SWOT and PESTLE of the various companies and understand how Vodafone stands out among the companies. Also a detailed explanation of the various innovative ideas that have been created to provide the customers with better service thus increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty are discussed.The telecom industry is very fast and growing. There are a number of mobile service providers in the industry. This section aims at understanding a little about the various companies and their market presence. Also a brief about the company’s current position is included to help understand the type of completion faced by Vodafone within this market. This section will also cover the SWOT analysis in brief for every company, following which there will be a PESTLE analysis also provided. The first company that will be discussed is the leading service provider in the UK – O2.O2 is one of the biggest and most famous service providers in the UK. The registered office is located in Berkshire UK. The service providers were formally called mmO2, and provide mobile services in Europe – UK, Germany, Ireland, and Isle of Man. This is one of the widest spread businesses in the mobile industry and has the leading mobile Internet portal for business as well. The company has recorded whopping revenue of almost £6683 million for the year ended March 2005. The company has shown a big increase of almost 17.4% over 2004. The company has also recorded a huge net profit of almost £301million in 2005 which amounts to an almost 81.3% increase over 2004 (Datamonitor – O2, 2007). O2 is the leading provider of mobile services along with broadband services in the UK. It has a vast market of almost 40 million fixed and mobile customers across Europe, and a large number of employees, almost 29,000 across the group.