Teen Prengnacy

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in teenage pregnancy is taking place due to increase in access to social media and parent’s lack of control on their children and lastly, the issue is no longer being considered as a major problem. Research further helped in identifying that teenage pregnancy has emotional, physical and social risks associated with it. Teenage mothers who bear a child at the age of only 15 years may end up experiencing loss of nutrition and they may give birth to premature babies. They may experience stress and depression as they may face difficulty in identifying how to attain financial resources for the lives of their children. They may stop getting education and end up with low paid employment opportunities. In order to curb teenage pregnancy various stakeholders need to take a part. The government, parents as well as teachers have to take equal responsibility for educating young girls on the subject and difficulties associated with teenage pregnancy. Parents need to develop stronger ties with their children and they even need to increase their control on their children.
Teenage pregnancy has been a major social and health issue in the recent past. Developed countries view teenage pregnancy as a key policy area. Most researchers concentrate on the rate of teenage pregnancy, instead of teenage mothers in the society. The data provided give people the true picture of teenage pregnancy and the reason it is a problem in the society (Shaw &amp. Lawlor, 2007, p. 312). Civic education is of vital importance, if the society wants to eradicate teenage pregnancy. To pregnant teenagers, the main concern is the finance and being a single mother is not an issue. Many factors contribute to teenage pregnancy, which include, advance in technology, poverty, drug abuse and among others.
Today’s society is not the same as the past society due to advancement in technology. Nonetheless, technology has come with negative effects, especially to teenagers. Moreover, parents do not have control of