Technology Project Plan GE Sensing Boston Center

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The requirements for implementing this solution in terms of networks, databases, and programming will be analyzed. Finally, the security considerations and the payoffs accruing to the various stakeholders will be outlined.GE Sensing is a subsidiary of the General Electric Infrastructure and has a global footprint. Its core competence is in Instrumentation and the product portfolio is based both on individual devices and systems which enable its consumers to shield, supervise, manage, and validate their vital procedures and applications. The company is technology-based and focuses on high growth engineering companies. GE Sensing’s products find diverse applications in sectors like ecological preservation, oceanography, meteorology, aviation, biotechnology, pharma, automobile, and transportation. GE Sensing obtains 40 % of its revenue from the USA, 40% from Europe and 20 % from Asia. This along with a dynamic product portfolio makes it a fit case to adopt E-business strategies to optimize its business practices. GE Sensing has to concentrate on three areas. Firstly its supply chain which has a global footprint is essential to leverage IT to provide the manufacturing facilities with the required amount of spares and raw materials without maintaining an extensive inventory. Secondly, its business infrastructure and its information management systems, which guarantee that diverse platforms are integrated between the various arms of the company. and thirdly its technical group, which forms the foundation for its growth. The research and development of new products are handled by its own Ramp.D division. Many projects in the Ramp.D division involve regular interaction with the General Electric Global Research Centers. The technology project plan should leverage facilities in the USA, Asia, and Europe.A primary approach to formalizing an e-business strategy involves the identification of all the business processes in GE Sensing which can be optimized by fully utilizing the capabilities of Information technology in a specific corporate scenario.