Technology Changes Healthcare

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The networked hospital TV’s apart from providing entertainment to patients also present health-related videos approved by the nurses. Moreover, patients can give the complaints and ideas through the TV interactive system.The healthcare organizations are unable to obtain the return on technology investment. The vital role played by Technology plays in healthcare organizations can go unnoticed by the management as suggested by Ogallaga (n.d).Technology in healthcare centers seems to operate a seamless supply chain despite the industry being inundated by errors that make the process slow, increasing costs, providing incorrect products to the wrong people.Technology has led to deterioration of management confidence in their healthcare organization’s capacity to support the anticipated benefit from its technological investments. This is due to inadequate IT running and communication.The healthcare organizations should adopt the execution of an enterprise wide Information Technology preparation and management strategy according to Ogallaga (n.d). This is to achieve a return on technology investment.Healthcare organizations must invest in technology that provide a return on investment and are managed by users with less cost. Additionally, healthcare institutions should support the administration by providing decision support systems that give incredible return on investment can be used without constant IT support.Similarly, in the education industry significant success brought about by technology, for instance, learners have access to wide range of information. There are also highly technological laboratory equipments used by science students.Technology has played a significant role in healthcare. This is depicted in most hospitals where use of technology has enabled networking of physicians, easy access to