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Bus 130 Team Project – Guidelines and AssessmentPart II (10%) – Formal Written ReportUsing the outline as a guide your team will write a comprehensive formal report. The report will follow the long format report outline.  Be sure to observe preface, body and style, language, endings, headings, page numbering and other components of the long format report. Your report must include the following components in order:•     Title Page•     Letter of Transmittal•     Table of Contents•     Executive Summary•     Introduction•     Discussion (main body of the report)•     Conclusions•     Recommendations•     References•     AppendixThe body of the report should be approximately 5-7 pages in length (excluding title page, table of contents, charts, tables and references) APA Formatting must be consistent throughout the report.  Your research should include high quality, peer reviewed sources, found through the Camosun library site search tool (  Do not simply Google your topic.  PART III (10%)  Electronic Presentation1. Complete a presentation outline and submit with your slides to the D2L drop box.  2. Using MS PowerPoint, create a professional electronic presentation to support your written report.The presentation should consist of a minimum of ten slides (max 15) not including the introduction and reference pages.Research at least four scholarly sources to support your presentation.Use a minimum of 4 pictures within your presentation that add interest and visually support your topic.  Be sure these are open source by searching, and reference them correctly.  Include speaking notes in the notes section of each slide to explain your topic.If you use a PowerPoint template, be sure to edit, using correct presentation fonts and slide formatting, according to Chapter 14.Information and images should be referenced on a separate page, formatted using APA style You will be graded on your ability to provide comprehensive information on the topic in a clear and professional manner.