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Discussion Conflict with TeamsPart 1: Conflict within TeamsThink of a conflict that occurred in a team you were a part of and analyze it. What were the main sources of the conflict? What interventions can be used to improve the quality of conflict a team?Part 2: Creativity in TeamsEvaluate yourself using the three indices of creativity. What strategies can you use to enhance your creativity?I am adding my classmate’s response for the above question. You will have to write response for each post in 150 words. No references needed.———————————————————————————————————Discussion 1:Think of a conflict that occurred in a team you were a part of and analyze it. What were the main sources of the conflict? What interventions can be used to improve the quality of conflict a team?Conflict can emerge from the unlikeliest of sources that we may not be able to always plan for. Despite our best intentions and planning, we may end up facing situation that involve some form of conflict (Corkindale, 2007). I have been part of teams which faced a lot of internal conflict. One such instance was in one of my initial jobs where I did not get along with one of my supervisors. She had a reputation as a very difficult person to work with. Most people who reported to her took the path of least resistance and avoided conflict by just accepting whatever was suggested to them irrespective of if it was the right thing to do. I could not do that and stood up to her and voiced my opinions about what the right course of action would be in every scenario. This led to some conflict because she was not used to that kind of a style of working. I was very proud of the way I acted and would do the same again without a second thought.In many cases, conflicts can be avoided as long as the team dynamic is positive and the team is focused on the end result as opposed to just one upping other team members. Team members need to be encouraged to be accepting of others and work in a cohesive manner so that the team can succeed as a group in addition to each member being able to succeed on an individual basis. Open communication and transparency within a team helps to reduce the opportunity for conflicts to arise.Evaluate yourself using the three indices of creativity. What strategies can you use to enhance your creativity?The three key indices of creativity as defined by the Martin prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management include: Talent, Technology and Tolerance (Rotman School of Mangement at the University of Toronto, 2012).Talent: Evaluating oneself for talent needs a high level of self-awareness. I don’t believe I am naturally very talented. I try to make up for this by working hard and always looking to improve my knowledge and skills with respect to the task at hand. One of the key steps one can take to improve creativity with respect to talent is to gain experience in a certain field and be open to new ideas. I try to always look for new ideas that force me to think out of my comfort zone and come up with solutions that may not have come to me earlier.Technology: I certainly have an interest in technology and try to keep up with latest trends and technology updates but the fast pace of technological change sometimes becomes a challenge to stay updated. I would just say that I am moderately good at keeping up to speed with the latest technological changes. It is imperative that we keep up to speed with the latest changes in the technological landscape because all fields of work or industries have been impacted with technological change in the recent past. Professionals that will do well in this current landscape and in the future will have to understand the impact of latest technologies in their sphere of work.Tolerance: This is a critical factor that helps to build effective and high performing teams based on a positive team dynamic. One needs to be tolerant of opposing viewpoints and be respectful of different cultures and working styles and approach issues with a positive frame of mind. I am personally very tolerant of different viewpoints and like to hear them because it leads to aore thoughtful discussion and better results. Teams need to be encouraged to approach issues and discussions with an open mind that will allow them to eventually come up with better solutions and a more creative way of thinking.———————————————————————————————————Discussion 2:Part1:In any team there will be some conflicts that occur commonly. It is the manager or team leader job to bring out the conflict openly to resolve it. There are some common conflicts that arise between the team members. It can be arising due to personal issues between the team member where they are distracted from the work. This is ego conflicts between the team member regarding the performance and identity they are seeking for. The conflicts can be regarding access, information, money and the usage of resources. Communication conflicts are very common in any team. Miscommunication can cause the misunderstandings between the team members of the team. If the work environment is not positive and there are rumors around, then that can cause the negative conflicts within the team. Manager and the team lead should be able to handle the team conflicts and prevent them to not to occur. There are ways for every organization from avoiding the damage due to the conflict. It is better to resolve the conflict immediately rather delaying it. Better to be open and clear the issues immediately if any person has conflict with other team member. Everyone in the team should actively listen to each other and ask for questions. Communication is the main part in developing a team or having conflicts, so it is very important to communicate properly. Respect to each other, accepting different views from others and resolving the team issues within the team can also help to prevent the conflict within the team.Part2:As the organization are growing around the globe innovation and creativity is the main streamline for the business to improvise the company. There will few strategies that help the team to be creative and think innovatively.1. Employees in a team should be aware that it is important to speak and excel their ideas in the meetings. Encouraging such things in team can generate creative ideas.2. Change should be considered every time. It is not good to follow the same strategies every time there should be some different ways and plans to handle the things and this will change the perspective of thinking in the employees.3. Freedom of doing the work in their own is important. Since, each person has their own of working like some like to work in team or some like to work individually. So, if they deliver the work on time it is okay to encourage their own of work.4. Management should organize the brainstorming sessions or new technology training to update the employees.—————————————————————————————————-Discussion 3:Conflicts are a part and parcel of any business organizations and reveals a lot about the team on how they navigate through the conflict without affecting the team’s creativity and productivity. Conflicts can occur due to various factors such as communication gaps, lack of effective planning, ineffective management, lack of creative ideas, etc. I have been a part of a team where the conflict resulted as a fact of lack of communication between team members and it resulted in a delay of the product and the tasks were all over the place. The main issue was that my manager was under tremendous pressure and was simultaneously handling multiple projects and the team members were assigned the tasks without even having a thorough discussion on whether the member has the skills and expertise to perform the task and also on the deadline. The team’s coordination went for a toss and people were unable to be on top of their tasks as the deadlines were getting to them. Since there was a lack of communication among the team, people could not reach out to each other to further help and coordinate to complete the tasks on time.The lessons learnt were that the manager should be the one to initiate the communication between the team and have discussions so that there can be exchange of ideas and creative thoughts before assigning the tasks.Creativity is one of the key factors to any team’s success. The team environment should be such that everybody could be open to expressing their views and thoughts related to any part in the product and services discussion. The more a team encourages people to come up with innovative and creative ideas, the better are the chances that the team would perform well and provide a quality product which will be profitable. Having regular brainstorming sessions will result in multiple solutions to tough problems and help resolve the issues fasters. Introducing team building exercise and contests will also boost the team’s morale and help in increase coordination.21/05/20205computerscience