Teaching Strategies and Curriculum Planning Used in Classroom

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Charlene`s house has a lot of books for adults and children, and she is read stories frequently during the day. Items to play with like slides, swings, toys, and art supplies are in Spenser`s house all at Charlene`s disposal. The children are only allowed to watch television at night under supervision.Charlene has a stroller that helps her to walk at least once every day around her home and her neighborhood. Furthermore, she has developed needed skills of her age like noticing most sights and color or bright things including an understanding of some gestures being made to her. She also uses actions to bring her points across. On social development, Charlene enjoys the sense of touch and likes dancing, swinging, and lifting of objects around her. She looks at sights that interest her and makes sounds or faces when people play or talk to her. She also enjoys smiling and can also get upset when her family is not around her. Currently, Charlene can walk on her own, eat solid foods and say small words. She explores everything around her and likes communicating with her family through smiles and screams.To further on the approach of this study, I would probably need to know more on how Charlene`s parents discipline her when they want to correct her actions and how she responds to different types of punishments. Punishment could involve injecting physical pain, humiliating the child or withdrawing affection from the child (Atkin, 2005).The data in the study also indicates Charlene`s demonstration of manipulative abilities by reaching for and releasing objects and use of her hands, eyes, and mouth to explore the surroundings. She also shows interest in different activities which indicates that she has a positive learning approach as she pays attention to sounds and sights and uses her senses to explore the environment.