Target to Shoot for Successful 2014 Holiday Shopping Season

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News Release FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Public Relations Officer 612-696-3400 your TARGET CORPORATION ANNOUNCES NEWPRODUCT LINES AND ONLINE EXCLUSIVE OFFERS Target to Shoot for Successful 2014 Holiday Shopping Season, Additional Efforts to Be Announced MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., November 19, 2014 – Target Corporation (NYSE: TGT) has announced today new product lines and and special online deals will be offered during the current 2014 holiday shopping season. Many of these rejuvenating strategies will be announced at a future press conference. Of 35,000 new products to line the shelves, Target adds clothing and shoes from popular brand, Toms, to the wide variety of products already available. Additionally, shoppers will have the option to make online purchases with free worldwide shipping available from now until the end of 2014. Many of these changes come after Brian Cornell, a former PepsiCo executive, has replaced Gregg Steinhafell as CEO, in order to have a successful holiday shopping season in 2014 following last year’s security breaches where 40 million credit-and-debit cards were stolen -more-in December. Target Corporation has taken great measures to ensure the safety of all in-store and online shoppers. We have not taken the issue lightly here at Target Corporation but we are putting that behind us, Cornell said. We ensure our consumers that we have taken all steps possible in order for that to not happen again.To rejuvenate the online experience, shopping for more products just got easier as Target aims to please consumers who wish to stay out of the crowds and still find the perfect gifts for friends and family members. We are looking forward to offering shoppers a wider variety of products for a much lower price tag, Cornell said. We have taken efforts to encourage shoppers to actually stay home and shop comfortably and stay out of the crowds by offering tremendous online exclusives that can be right at their door for free. It’s our gift to our loyal shoppers this holiday season.Target Corporation is currently expanding digital sales more than the average industry growth rate. This is a new tactic set in place in order to grow percentage of sales for the final quarter during the busiest part of the consumer shopping season. This is among numerous changes that Target has taken to move into a more consumer-friendly direction for 2014 and to keep in place for the future of the company. While we have worked with suppliers to offer thousands of additional products for just this holiday season alone, you can expect to see even more new suppliers to come aboard in 2015, Cornell said. Target Corporation will host a press conference at 3 p.m. (CST) on November 21, 2014 from the Minneapolis headquarters. It is at that time additional information about additional re-branding strategies to be implemented will be addressed. Requests for media credentials to attend the press conference should be directed to Your Name at ###