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Taoism Taoism religion is mostly found in China. The believers of this religion feel that it is important to becomeone with the environment rather than wanting to dominate it. Taoism promotes simplicity among human beings and discourages extravagance. Every aspect of Taoism is aimed at bringing harmony within individuals through appreciating the natural parts of the earth. It promotes being ordinary in search of inner peace. In the past, individuals from one region could spend an entire lifetime without visiting their neighboring country. This religion avoids chaos in a community and encourages maintaining the norms and maintaining in one region. Taoist are also positive people. They do not necessarily believe in a huge difference between good and bad. Their experiences have different results and depending on how one is affected by a situation’s outcome, there is no general good or bad outcome. However, there is a total difference while comparing Taoism to the Confucianism. While Taoism does not encourage embracing of material wealth, Confucianism does not discourage this either (Daniel 39). Confucianism emphasizes more on social responsibility.The two religions may be different, but on the other hand, they complement each other. The development of China has been enabled by the existence of both religions. Where Taoism stresses on harmony Confucianism encourages social responsibility. In turn, the two promote teamwork a sense of belonging among the believers and have an impact on the country as a whole. This has also invited people from different parts of the world to embrace their culture as well.Work CitedDaniel Overmyer, Religions of China (New York: Harper amp. Row, 1988), 39