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ENGL 2111: World LiteratureSpring, 2020Instructor: Dr. Tieniu ChengDue: Thursday, May 6 Please upload an electronic copy to the drop box of ENGL 2111 on D2L. Double space, 3-4 pages, font size 12.Final Examination (Take home part, 30 credits)                  (Please do both 1) and 2)In class we have closely read Yüan Chen’s “The Story of Ying-ying” 1) According to the compiler of the textbook, “Both of the lovers are acting roles that never quite fit them…” (see p. 982, starts from paragraph 3-line4). Do you agree with the compiler based on your own reading? Please briefly talk about your viewpoints or thoughts on Ying-ying or Chang (please choose one of them)10 credits2) In class we closely studied the content, the cultural and social background, and the gender elements as well as ethical elements in the “The Story of Ying-ying.”  Please choose a love story (short story or fiction) written by an American writer or a writer in another country (non- Chinese author). If you have not read one, then read one and compare it with “The Story of Ying-ying.”  (20 credits) You can either focus on the differences or the similarities between the two love stories in terms of the image, emotion, and personality of the male or female  protagonist; the structure of the plot; the social, gender, and ethical elements inthe love stories. It will be great if you can explore a little about the cultural background of these differences or similarities, making your research a case of cross-cultural studies. Please use footnote to indicate the sources of your research, like the title of a  book, page number, and publication information.