Taekwondo The Spirit of Korea

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It is believed that the earliest form of combat art to develop in Korea was called the Tsubaki. The early sport emphasized the use of hand techniques and was quite popular among the masses during the Koryo Dynasty.but, historical records revealed that this sport suffered during the Choson Dynasty (1392-1910) as the nation focused on literary rather than physical activities due to the ruling class intervention. The development, however, did not bring the development of Tsubaki to a halt but rather cause the sport to evolve into what became known as taken. This was not a simple name change. The techniques used were also changed from hand based to foot based. And it is fairly accurate to believe that this taken art is actually what is known today as taekwondo. Presently, both the WTF and ITF are considered to be the largest worldwide taekwondo organizations. A group of different national taekwondo teams established the WTF in 1973 which is currently based in South Korea. The aim of this organization is the coordination of international events and competitions using the International Olympic Committee’s rules and regulations. The ITF, on the other hand, dates back to 1966. The unofficial training headquarters of this organization is based in Pyongyang, North Korea. It was commissioned in the 1990s however. the organization is currently split into three different groups. One of the groups is based in Canada while the other two are based in Austria. Each of these group claims to be the original. Those organizations are quite similar, however, there are some technical differences primarily in their patterns positioning and technique and also in the sparring competition rules.