Systems Building for Baker Development Methods and Management

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In line with the establishment of a new team, Tom eventually named the original group as ‘Client Software and Systems Development Group’.Considering the fact that the knowledge and skills that each group acquires could contribute to the success of the company, it becomes a challenge for Tom to be able to integrate the two different departments without causing further harm to the existing barriers between the older and the younger employees. The problem behind the establishment of two separate groups is caused by Tom’s failure to integrate or unite the two groups with one organizational goal. Even though Tom acknowledges the fact that there are negative consequences for setting up two different groups under Baker Development, it remains a fact that he does not believe in the importance of organizational change.approach to systems development for the benefit of the company. Considering that Tom is not sure on how to achieve his goals, the researcher will recommend new strategic ways on how to maintain the company’s reputation as well as maintain the reliability of its performance and services. As part of the discussion, the researcher will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the recommended strategies.In general, more experienced developers are more likely to adopt a methodology due to the fact that these individuals are aware of their benefits. (Leonard-Barton, 1987) Among the valid reasons behind the preferences of the practitioners is due to the fact that some of them may be ignorant in one methodology as compared to the other (Ward, 1991) or the possibility that there was a slow in the technology transfer within a group of practitioners (Chikofsky, 1989).Each software engineering methodology has its own specific pros and cons in the field of information technology (Fitzgerald, 1986). For instance, the Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method (SSADM) was designed in the early 1980s using the database systems necessary in the development of software systems related to the flow of data, data models, and the chronological life cycles of entities. (Informatik, 2002. Downs, 1992) The problem with this method is that SSADM was not developed on real-time-oriented software (Informatik, 2002).