System proposal assingment 3

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diagrams.The current Unirec system is a manual system where forms are given to customers to fill their health records and registration forms. Working hours for trainers are manually recorded, the same way as payments. The fittness protocols are written on a paper and the company does not keep personal records of customers. All these are problems which can be captured by the new system that is to be implemented. The new system will do away with unnecessary and excess paper work. It will also give room for expansion by accommodating more data that does not require much physical space for storage. The logical data flow diagrams of the current and new system are shown belowAn alternative system to this one would be a UniRec fitness management system that has a website where gym information is always available for everyone and people can register for membership online. Members would be able to access the gym staff from wherever they are saving on time and reducing chances of overcrowding and queues at the gym location.Another alternative system would be a gym management system that provides online gym sessions through YouTube videos. These videos are made by the gym instructors and people pay to access the videos remotely. The payments and membership registration details could be stored on a physical or virtual server.In both systems, customers would upload their medical records online, the records get approved by fitness consultants, then the client gets a go-ahead to sign up for training sessions. No paper work would be needed whatsoever. The customers, consultants, fitness trainers and the manager would each have their accounts from which they all see data that is relevant to them. The manager would however be able to see all the data in the system by simply querying the database. The database could be stored in a computer in the gym or on a virtual server over the internet, from which storage space is paid for.The new system will