Symbolism in Poe And The Cask Of Amotillado and The Story Of An Hour

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This essay compares two stories, ‘Poe and the cask of Amotillado’ and ‘The story of an hour’ on the subject of symbolism, that is evident in both novels. The researcher states that in the story of ‘Poe and the cask of Amotillado’ symbolism is explicit and obvious. The person can understand that the Amotillado being the title and focus of the story has a main role to play. The death is caused with the help of amontillado and same goes with the clown outfit. The outfit directs to the readers about the mockery of the victim and same is with the situation in which the person is killed. In the novel ‘The story of an hour’ one of the symbol which is death is evident, but other ones like open window is not so projected but can be understood with more investigation. The patches of clouds is a symbol which subtle and deep. However, the authors have used much imagination and creativity in using which enhanced the richness of the story. It is concluded that the ‘Poe and a Cask of Amontillado’ is a story of humiliation and revenge. The author Poe tries to answer many questions in the story and some imagination is left to the readers as well. The symbolism in the story has given background theme and depth to the characters. The settings and actions of the characters in the story are the main symbolism. It is concluded that it is same in the case of ‘The Story of an Hour’ where the characters are surrounded by symbols, which are spread in the story and enriches the character to a great extend. … The way he killed fortunate was cruel and torturous. The Amontillado represents a precious thing in his life just as his wife.Fortunoto was stoned and chained and killed by Montreso. He wanted to get the happiness by torturing, and insulting Fortunato.The absence of light in the setting is also a symbol in the story. Montreso humiliate Fortunato to forget what he had undergone himself. He gave him the death he deserved. The author intentionally made the readers wonder whether that Montreso was mentally ill or he had real reasons for killing Fortunato. The killing of Fortunato probably gave Montreso his happiness back to an extent. Montreso felt real shame when he was cheated by his wife and Fortunato and for this he planned a insulting and humiliating death to Fortunato .The manner in which Fortunato was killed shows how much pain Montreso has undergone when was cheated. So he chose the right time and outfit for Fortunato to die. The clown outfit of Fortunato showcases him as a fool to the reader. A clown outfit is what a fool would wear and symbolizes his character in the story. There are some symbols in the novel The story of an hour and they are heart trouble, the open window, the patches of blue sky, and death. The heart trouble which the character Louise experience is both a symbolic and physical malady which shows her restriction and unhappiness in life. The first thing one know about Louise is her heart attack and this is what makes the death of Brently threatening. A person with weak heart cannot handle news of death easily. When Louise gets freedom her heart races and pumps blood through her veins. Her death in the end