Sustainability Of Residential Housing And Commercial Building

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Homo sapiens emerged victorious in their quest for enhanced comfort levels in all the avenues of life.
All the points discussed in the previous paragraph speak volumes about the rapidity of development attained by mankind. But this scenario is not without an unpleasant side to it! In this rapid progress that is being made on the path towards material development, Mother Nature was totally ignored! As a matter of fact, it can also be stated that she has been subjected to abuse, and there was a point beyond which she (Mother Nature) could not endure the ill-treatment that was being meted out to it. Consequently, she gradually started showing her wrath and human beings began to feel the resultant effects in the form of global warming, the rise in the incidence of natural disasters, and jeopardized the health of people, among others. After witnessing all this, it did not take long for people to press the panic button and to start initiating the corrective measures to counter their own misdeeds.
It is at this juncture that the aspect of “Sustainability” comes into play. Sustainability refers to the act of abiding by only those practices and procedures, related to various development activities, which are environmentally friendly, and show high levels of regard for nature and natural resources.
Along with all other areas of activity, the issue of sustainability is holding high relevance even in the sector of building construction, which includes constructions of both residential and also commercial usage. Here, it would be worthwhile to examine the aspect of sustainability, with regard to this sector (building construction).
Over the past few years, the issue of sustainability has been accorded topmost priority while developing residential housings.