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Discussion 3bySushil Manchikatla- Friday, May 15, 2020, 3:28 PMVarious online videos offer explanations of unified communication. Most of these do an excellent job in helping an individual understand what this concept entails. However, there are three that I believe do an excellent job in trying to explain this concept effectively. These are: at these three URLs, they are especially effective since they offer proper insights and in simple language in what unified communication entails. However, I believe the third URL especially does an excellent job in explaining this concept. There are various reasons why I believe this to be the case.One of the mains reason why I find the video as doing an excellent job in illustrating the characteristics and capabilities of the UC system is the use of real-world visuals to show what UC entails. Through showing how the different forms of communication in the workplace are disintegrated, and the needs to bring them together, it helps one to understand what UC means. Even for an individual who has never heard of UC, just listening and watching the first 45 seconds of the video helps him gain a clear understanding of what the process is. This is as opposed to the first video where only a lecture-like presentation is given explaining what UC entails. Lastly, the video is smooth and straight forward. In addition, the tone is also light and enjoyable. Although the other videos are also straight forward, they tend to be rather formal, and one may not easily remember then in the future. Looking at the third URL, the visuals make the videos enjoyable, and people can easily use the images to remember what the video entailed in the future. However, this is lacking in the other videos, making it rather easy for an individual not to recall anything about them in the future.