Survey design (survey monkey or google forms)I have my topic

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Make sure you have watched the live class video (available Tuesday morning) Do some additional research to see if there is an existing survey that collects the data you need to test your hypothesis – if there is an existing survey, read through to see if you want to use any of the questions Decide which survey platform you are going to use: Google forms (recommended), Microsoft forms, Survey Monkey, other Start your survey with the consent question Create 3-4 demographic questions based on your hypothesis (demographic data: age, gender, ethnicity, disability status, location, income level, occupation, etc.) Only pick demographic data that relates to your hypothesis and will help you understand your results Create 1-2 questions that test your respondents’ knowledge of the topic Add 7-10 additional questions to test your hypothesis and incorporates your theory – make sure you check back to your hypothesis AND your theory! Your final survey should be at least 10 questions, but no more than 15 questions Your final survey should only have 1-2 open ended questions – make sure your questions are mainly multiple choice or yes/no so you can analyze the results11/05/20207politicalscience