Super Cheap Auto Group Limited

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Boating Camping and Fishing indicated the highest growth rate of 31% in the company as compared to Super Cheap Autos and Goldcross Bicycles. It earned the company revenue of $205.5 million. Gold cross Cycles did not perform well because it earned the company a loss of $4.0 million. However, management has taken corrective measures by tightening cost management. In addition, it has hired a promotion consultant to help develop more awareness of the bicycle sporting activities in Australia.

Reg and Hazel founded Super Cheap Auto Group Limited in 1972 and diversified in 1978 to include Goldcross Cycles. The company grew at an impressive rate from inception to date. The company was operating seven stores in 1993 and before the end of 1994. the company had doubled its Super Cheap Auto stores to fourteen. The company acquired Marlows in 2003 and rebranded it to Super Cheap Autos. Super Cheap Auto Group Limited diversified further to Boating, Camping, and Fishing in 2003. Super Cheap Company has seven stores in New Zealand. Super Cheap Auto Group Limited entered the Australian Stock Exchange in July 2004. Currently, Super Cheap Autos has over 200 stores, Goldcross Cycles has eleven stores and Boating Camping Fishing has sixty-one stores.

Super Cheap Auto Group Limited deals with three products. The first one is Goldcross Cycles, the second is boating, camping, and fishing (BCF) and the third is Supercheap Auto products. Goldcross retails and distributes bicycles, sporting cloths, and other sporting accessories in Melbourne and South East Queensland. Goldcross products include Kids bicycles, BMX, mountain, urban and road bicycles. It also provides families and individual persons with information regarding bicycles and sporting in Australia. Goldcross Cycles generated $19.1 million in 2009.

The second major product of Super Cheap Auto Group Limited is Boats, Camping, and Fishing (BCF). BCF deals with the supply and distribution of fishing products. These products include& rods and reels, fishing lures and nets as well as tackle boxes.&nbsp.