Summary of Welcome to India 2012 Documentary

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The documentary reflects on what life it is like to live in the densely populated areas, in the globe. The film highlights the challenges population goes through in India city of Kolkata as they struggle to create a niche for survival. The film focuses on two events. One is the rush for gold and lives in one of the Mumbai beaches.
The film begins by a description of one of the boys that have moved to the city to make ends meet. The boy is 23 years old by the name Kaale. He moves seventy miles away and arrived in the city to look for gold. Kaale shows the house where they live with 20 men as one family. They wake up at 3 am to dust the street to get gold that, in turns. they sell to Naukada- one of the gold merchants (YouTube). They get poor pay and gets frustrated. However, the have to sell to the same man as he own house in which they live in. Their struggle is highlighted as the prices for gold goes up. This means there is less available gold in the dust, in the street. They opt to go for sludge. They acquire sludge in a most inhumane way, as it is full of ‘shit’. We are also shown Javed’s employees working tirelessly to get pure gold (YouTube).
I disliked the way young people are forced to go through inhumane ways of making ends meet. In this film, I have learnt it is advantageous to learn how to interact and interview in order to get facts about people ways of life.