Summary of The Time Machine by Wells

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Chapter 1
The novel begins with a bunch of persons discussing the nature of time after dinner. This first chapter presents the time traveler, narrator medical man, psychologist, Filby and very young man. The time Traveler starts by mentioning that time is a dimension and therefore persons are supposed to move along it as we focus unto the future. Time travelers add that it’s almost impossible moving up and down without any support. In the story, Traveler tries to explain the story but they seem not to buy the idea. (Wells 1)
Chapter 2
The narrator meets other people having dinner though the Time Traveler who appears when people are having dinner and is being described as looking like hell. After having meals the Time traveler leads them to the smoking-room and begins to narrate the story. (Wells 2)
Chapter 3
Time traveler fails to describe his future and then the people show up as the chapter comes to an end. (Wells 3)
Chapter 4
The chapter begins by describing that the little people of the future to be having very sweet voices. Time travelers believe in this chapter that he is dealing with fools. He attempts to learn their language though he realizes that these people are not good teachers. In this chapter, he also fails to notices the houses these people stay and therefore think they live communally. He though realizes later that he is wrong and had the wrong perception about them. (Wells 4)