Summary of Pontoon A novel of Lake Wobegon

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Summary of Pontoon: A Novel of Lake Wobegon Summary of Pontoon: A Novel of Lake Wobegon The novel by Keillor is a fictitious story about a community full of immigrants. The folks live in a society, and carry on with their lives as their traditions dictate. Gossip and religion are what surround the people of this community. The book brings out the expected monotony of the lives of folks living in small towns, around the world. The people who make up part of this society are typical individuals who might easily pass off as being anyone’s neighbour. However, one of the character’s behaviour sets her apart from the rest (Keillor, 2008). This is the interesting part of the story the author wants to bring forth. This summary assists the author bring out his intention to the reader about how to live and enjoy life. It was after the death of a woman in the community that the plot thickens. Her family is thrown into turmoil as they do not want to go against her death wishes. At the same time, they do not want to anger the community members by carrying out her wishes. Many lessons are brought forth at the woman’s burial. Her best kept secrets are also brought out during the death ceremony. It is through the story that individuals in society are taught the value of living and enjoying life. Also, they are shown the importance grabbing opportunities once they come one’s way (Keillor, 2008). In conclusion, the story has lifelong teachings that can assist any individual identify what they want in life, and how they can set out to achieve their dreams. The author’s character and mannerism of bringing out these lessons makes the book stimulating and riveting. It is critical not to live in fear or regret (Keillor, 2008). This is one vital lesson the author brought out in the novel, making it a must-read for all. ReferenceKeillor, G. (2008). Pontoon: A novel of Lake Wobegon. New York: Penguin Books.