Summary of First Shot by Walter Sorrells

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“First shot” by Walter Sorrells is a story that depicts a murder mystery as the main character, David Crandall seeks to unfold the truth behind the main constraint that he is facing. Two years before the incidences, he had lost his mother and had spent time living with his father who was the headmaster in an arsenal school. David attends the military school where he learns to be a better gunman possessing no other skill but the accurate use of a rifle.&nbsp.
The unraveling of an embezzlement fraud that his family had secretly hidden from him followed this event. All these events revolved around his father making David have fears and suspicion towards him. His suspicion revolves around the fraud and he suspects his mother had been killed due to the predicament. These events trouble David as he struggles to make it in his school until he meets the beautiful Misty. Misty arrives in time to aid David’s quest for the truth as she provides him with the belief to solve the events that had been left buried.
Sorrells’ book revolves around suspicion and the impact of unsolved mysteries on the overall development. He tells his story through David who is troubled progressing with the ghost of his mother haunting him until he finds the backup he needs in Misty.