Summary Motivation

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1250 The author further found that community motivation is alive in almost every country, but the changes in motivation are hardly reflected in policies. The reason is that the professional approach of today’s upper-level managers and CEOs is still based on pre-modern management ideology and theories. Although old management theories are given by famous gurus, such as Peter Drucker, Tom Peters, and Michael Porter work well to increase organizational productivity and efficiency, they are somewhat weak on motivation. The author further stresses on the need for management experts who can give proper ideas regarding the management of organizations and building employee motivation. Management fads come and go within a very short span of time because they lack an intellectual approach towards management. Moreover, they also undermine the need to improve employee motivation. As far as corporations are concerned, managers usually have a narrow view of motivation because of which corporations face critical situations (Dixon). Managers need to take care of their employees as much as possible because this is the best way to motivate employees to do their jobs as best as they can.&nbsp. &nbsp.