Summarize 3 chapters due today please read first!!!!

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this assignment is due today……. please if you bid and assigned to you this has to be done in 11 hours…… no late work!!Summarize chapters 1, 3 and 4 from the attachment.Choose ONE way to respond to the chapter from the following list (A – D). You must use a different type of response for each reading response (for example, don’t do the outlining for all 3 responses. If you do the outline for the first reading response, choose a different response type for #2 and then again a different response type for #3)A. Outline the chapter. I expect to see not just titles/subtitles but short descriptions to help you organize and understand the material. Please see me if you have questions. You can use Roman Numerals or just bullet points. The most important thing is to show the big ideas, the medium sized ideas and the little ideas. Here is what a sample outline should look like:I. Understanding How And WhyA. The Need for Science: to understand how and why all people change over time. 1. The Scientific Method2. Begins with CuriosityB. Describe at least 3 concepts and the understanding that you now have based on your own childhood experiences.C. Choose 6 questions from the “What Have you Learned” section throughout each chapter. Type the question and your response. D. What do you value and appreciate from this chapter? What concept/idea could you personally apply as a parent or teacher? What concept/idea is still unclear or fuzzy?For Chapter 1, 3 and 4 pick either a,b,c, or d from above and summarize chapter. Each chapter summary has to be different. KathleenStassenBerger-TheDevelopingPersonthroughChildhoodandAdolescence-WorthPublishers2018.pdfPosted: 5 months agoDue: 02/09/2019Budget: $10Tags: writingAnswers 1bennetsandova5.0 (32)4.8 (720)ChatsummaryAnswer rating:5Stars out of1ratings5 months agoPurchase the answer to view itsummary.docxTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $10Bids 53ElprofessoriMiss_Deanna_A hifsa shaukatbennetsandovaFavouritewriterDr_Aabirah_786prof avrilprof avrilChrisProfWIZARD_KIMDrNicNgaoCatherine OwensProf.MacQueenperfectoWendy LewisColossal GeniusmbithehTiny ChrisEmily Bluntbrilliant answerswork solutionsRey writerkim woodsJenny BoomMiss ProfessoransRohanDexterMastersTerry RobertsSara WaynesJOHN JUNIOR001phyllis youngQuickly answer Jessica LuisCertified Papersimhmd.fPh.D A Gradefastestwriter1DR.SAMUELSONEva GreenExpert Ahmedsarapaul2013smart-tutorHarris Khanabdul_rehman_Dr R Judy MarkDr Jamlicimtrqhasibhassan0906Dr. ElahiAZHARAKRAM300SaburBmiftikhargadolaSaad FahimOther questions 10Negotiation and Conflict Resolution – SubjectNeed in 3 hoursoxkw13I jave a business homework any help?Programing languagePSY 630 Week 1 – QuizGraduate Level Psychology HelpWeek 4 Discussion Unit IV Article Critique – 800 Words -Human Resource Management How can a corporation best utilize a personal protection specialist in protecting its brand or corporate reputation?Rated 1 timesDue today….. 10 hours…. chapter summary…..child development this assignment is due in 10 hours….. must have done within 10 hours…..Child Development chapter summaryUse the attachment book and do Chapter 4 SummaryChoose one way to respond to …Rated 1 timesdue today….. child development…… please read firstthis assignment is due in 5 hours….. must have done in 5 hours…..Fill out the attachment……Use the book attachment to help fill out the worksheet.The last attachment named …Not ratedchapter summary….. due in 15 hours….. please readthis assignment is due in 15 hours….. if you bid and I assign you will have this done in 15 hours…… no late work….Read Chapter 3 in the attachment and summarize only chapter 3.…Not ratedchild development …. due tomorrow…… read first this assignment is due tomorrow…… must have done by tomorrow and no late work please……. must have done by tomorrow……. use the attachment book to do this assignment.Follow all …Not ratedchild development….. due today….5 hours….. fill out form…. this assignment is due in 5 hours….. must have done by 5 hours…. no late workFill out the attached form using The attached book.Use chapters 8,9, and 10 to fill out the form. You …02/09/201910education