Summaries of the Articles about the Computing Enviroment

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This article points out the different techniques that are commonly adapted by the intruders and the appalling figures that are being witnessed nowadays regarding the respective crime in the UK. Another literature that has been chosen for the respective research is a guideline for the insurance of identity theft (Defaqto Media 2010). This text explains how identities can be stolen even when an individual is very cautious about revealing his personal information. This guideline identifies the following techniques by which identity may be stolen of the internet users, as well as others. intercepted postage mail, stolen handbags, and online activities. It also gives information about the different insurance policies that have been formulated to handle identity thefts.The third chosen article highlights a study that was conducted by Royal Holloway, University of London (Alpha Galileo 2010). The study analyzed the concerns and worries of individuals regarding their experience on the internet. The results showed that the most feared crime on the internet is identity theft in the UK. The sample consisted of around 1048 respondents therefore this data also proved to be a useful source of information about the demographics of the average internet user in the UK.Mcafee is one the most prominent security providers in the world of computing, who offer products like anti-viruses etc. A comprehensive article was published by them in 2010. it provides useful facts about the intensity of the problem in the UK and how people lose large amounts of money due to this crime. This article also revealed surprising facts about the identity theft of children, as young as six years old.During the research study of the respective topic, an article was found that stated an instance of laptop theft from the University of Kentucky, in August this year (Herald, 22 August 2010). The laptop had detailed data about the patients in a certain department. Around 2000 individuals got affected by this theft and were directed to be cautious of any identity theft incidents.