Styles of Effective Listening

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Hooks (2010) has defined the self-concept as the sum total of knowledge and understanding of one’s self and the physical, psychological, and social attributes, which can be influenced by the individuals attitudes, habits, beliefs, and ideas as the components of the self-concept (Hooks, 2010). Culture plays an important role in the development of the self concept. It is a fact that people born in a good family or cultural background may exhibit may have an advantage over shaping their self-concept compared to others. For example, a child born in a wealthy American family may have a definite advantage over a child born in a poor African country, in developing their self-concept. Thus I can safely say that my cultural background has a tremendous influence on the development of my self-concept.Gender, age, race, etc can also affect the development of the self-concept. For example, in many cases, females listen actively to the opinions of males. In other words, females have a conception/misconception that males are more knowledgeable than them and their views and opinions are more valuable than theirs. Same way, children and youths actively listen to the opinions of elders. It is difficult to see an elder person listening actively to a younger person. Elders always have the life experiences more than the younger and their opinions always get respect in society. Thus age also can play a major role in self-concept development and listening behaviors. The race is the third segment which can affect listening and self-concept development. People coming from aristocratic families or races may develop a superiority feeling and they will try to inject their ideas over others even if it is rubbish. On the other hand, the views and opinions of people from the lower race or family background normally neglected by others even if it is meaningful.In order to mention the listening barriers I faced in the day of listening, I think I must give a brief idea about myself. In my own self-concept or assessment, I am a person with above-average skills in most of the areas of life.