Students Should Be More Prepared for Work and Trades

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Schools would avoid meeting people and others would start distancing as well. These are those basic social and economic facts that we regularly encounter in our life. They have become an integral part of society. Unfortunately, schools and their existing education topics and subjects are indirectly contributing by only focusing on the non-economic aspects of human life. Schools in these days focus solely on the political, social, religious, scientific and personal aspects of human life. They have not developed their focus on economic issues. Unemployment and absence of interpersonal skills among the graduates are common and they do not receive employment in their initial attempt. Numerous interviewers do not obtain a required level of satisfaction from graduates and they fail to entertain their employment applications. The existing education topics and subjects do not encourage a trend-setting behaviour or personality rather they indirectly encourage them to become trend followers. And the subsequent effect of such education can be seen when a sound majority of graduating students do not plan to become entrepreneurs and they do not want to become employers, but instead start preparing their curriculum vitae for employment and become trend followers. In the subsequent parts of the essay, we prove that the schools provide students with less practical aspects of today’s life. Subsequent to that, a segment elaborating economic needs and their significance is provided. Before the conclusion part, work and trade learning part has been incorporated.
Unemployment and considerable absence of interpersonal skills can be caused by the current type of education provided in the schools. In the current structure of school education, a considerable focus is only given to less important aspects of human life.